Defibrinated Blood

Defibrinated blood is won by sterile (aseptic) withdrawal from that vena jugularis of healthy animals.

After the blood withdrawal takes place the blood gets defibrinated by vibrating with glass beads. By micro filtration (1mm) the fibrin is separated from the blood. The defibrinated blood is durable up to four Weeks, during refrigerator storage (+2°C to +8°C).

Sterile, defibrinated blood is suitable for the production of blood agar plates, for the breeding of fastidious germs serve in particular. For the several kinds of the species, Haemophilus, Neisseria, Streptococcus, Corynebacterium, Bacteroides, Campylobacter a.s.o..

Differentiation of Streptococcus can be made on blood agar by recognizing the type of haemolysis. The blood can be used likewise to production of chocolate agar.

- blood agar: 5%-10% blood become the sterile agar with 45°C to 50°C in addition-given and then in agar plates poured.

- chocolate agar: 10% blood become too Blood agar basic substrate added and in the waterbath for 10 to 15min. up 80°C warms up, until an even chocolate-well-behaved color developed is. Mix well and fill it in agar plates.

Stabilized Blood

Stabilized blood becomes by sterile (aseptic) withdrawal from that vena jugularis healthy animals won.

All donor animals are subordinate veterinarian-hygenic control. It is guaranteed that the blood contains none Antibiotics or other restrictors. The stabilized blood at least is during refrigerator storage (+2°C to +8°C) up to four weeks durable.

As stabilizers ACD Citrat and Alsever solution find as well as Na-Heparin and EDTA use.

Sterile stabilized blood is used for the production of blood agar plates. In addition it is suitable for the production of Erythrocytes

With Na-Heparin transferred blood becomes as full unit of stored blood testing of Dialysis devices, for the nutrition of insects a.s.o. used.


The use of blood plasma is spread by positive characteristics in the food as well as cosmetic and Pharmaindustrie.

Blood builds itself up from cellular and liquid components. Become the blood corpuscles far away from the liquid blood, plasma stays. The plasma differs from blood serum by proportionate Fibrinogen.

The production of the plasma is the transformation of the Fibrinogens in Fibrin with a normal battle process not possible. The blood coagulates, if the fibrin in form of the so-called blood veins is not removed. Those Coagulating must therefore by addition of coagulate-restraining means prevented become.

For this are suitable Citrate, EDTA, Na-Heparin as well as alsevered solution.

These prevent the Thrombin education and thus coagulating.

With the separation with none coagulating means (Citrate, EDTA) shifted Blood as easy liquid component the plasma is won. This becomes by gradate and locking sterile filtration (0,1µ) up to one year storable (with -18°C).


If no coagulating means is added but agitated to the blood, the fine network of the fibrins closes all form elements of the blood. The blood cake colored red by hemoglobin is separated. Those remaining blood liquid becomes in the separator into an easy phase, that Serum, and a heavy phase that Erythrocytes concentrate separately.

By locking gradation and/or sterile filtration (0,1µ) one becomes shelf-life of min. one year reaches.

With " Donor serum " sterile blood of living donor horses becomes inferred. This withdrawal method guarantees a serum with low Endotoxin content.

Heating up of the serum on 56°C for 30min. eliminated disturbing determined Factors (e.g. complement, remainder Fibrin, LDH, vitamine, Mycoplasma, etc..) this quality is called " inactivated serum ".


Our products are won and processed by us ourselves. Everything to blood and serum production consulted animals become in Germany held and/or slaughtered.

Orders become depending upon customer's request in up to 24 hours with that Post office or a high-speed transport enterprise brought to the dispatch.


The containers needed for the dispatch (glas bottles, plugs, ect.) become by steam or hot-air sterilizes. These procedures become through Physical controls secured.

All blood and serum products become after the filling also micro-biological standard techniques up to five days with 37°C on sterility controlled.

With blood products, which are used for the blood agar plates, we guarantee a Haematocrit of at least 32%.

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